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12+ Tips and Tricks to Work Faster in Microsoft Outlook – Take advantage of Outlook’s Quick Steps. For those unfamiliar, Quick Steps is the killer feature Microsoft introduced with Outlook 2010. They’re shortcuts to any multi-step action you can think of,

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Outlook’s Quick Steps combines multiple actions into one-click buttons to make managing email less time-consuming. It’s like a macro for email handling. Some default Quick Steps include moving.

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Ever had an experience where you had to follow several steps over and over again every time when you need to forward an important email ? Outlook 2010 has introduced a new feature Quick Steps to.

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Outlook 2010 cheat sheet: Visual tour – For details, see our Outlook 2010 cheat sheet. Quick Steps let you perform multiple actions on an email message with a single click, such as flagging the message for follow-up and moving it to a.

you can turn to Quick Steps to help you work more efficiently. These customizable actions allow you to perform multiple actions with a single button click, making repetitive tasks a breeze. For.

What used to take multiple steps can now be covered in one with Quick Steps. Your frequent, repetitive actions in Outlook can be completed with a single click, such as moving an email to a specific.

If Microsoft Outlook’s forms don’t get the job done, follow the steps in this tutorial to create a custom form.

you’ll add a new group to the Home tab that allows you to open the form with one.