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Particle Physics in 30 MinutesParticle physics tames big data – Perhaps they could learn a thing or two from particle physics, a field that’s been awash in enormous data sets for decades. Nearly everything about high-energy physics research is big—the thousands of.

Watch a compilation of many scientists’ explanations of the importance of particle physics. If you’ve voted for one of the five scientists whose explanations made it into symmetry’s “Why particle.

A new generation of computer scientists is applying unique skills learned in particle physics to tough problems in industry, working on everything from high-efficiency light bulbs to Internet search.

At a special meeting in Lisbon on July 14, the CERN Council unanimously adopted a 17-point European Strategy for Particle Physics, based on the premise that "Europe should maintain and strengthen its.

The Classical Management Viewpoint Emphasized The classical case is a microgrid whose main energy source is. Many different scenarios were presented, but all emphasized decentralization and the capability to segregate the system into eight. These results emphasize the need for a more elaborate. The improvements of electron transfer that we have discussed, as compared with classical electron transfer, have to

The new 31-kilometer-long (19.2 mi) International Linear Collider (ILC) is finally ready for construction.

significantly advancing our knowledge of the universe. To investigate particle physics,

How the Indian icon Nataraja danced his way from ancient history to modern physics – It is considered the earliest known Hindu sculpture (pdf), and is from around 2nd century BCE.

A lot has changed in the.

The discovery of a new particle will "transform our understanding" of the fundamental force of nature that binds the nuclei of atoms.

from The University of Warwick’s Department of Physics,

University of Mississippi Associate Professor Breese Quinn accepts a Symmy for winning the "Why particle physics matters" video contest. Quinn says the contest made him take a step back and look at.