Crazy Math Questions

Why VC’s don’t care about your business (or how to understand VC’s required return math and what it means for your startup) – The common theme behind all of these seemingly unrelated questions and stories is that VC’s seem to do some weird, odd, and apparently irrational things. It turns out it’s because they need some crazy.

Amazon’s Alexa is truly a math nerd at heart. With the recently influx of voice-activated robots in our homes like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, humans have been asking these robots a bunch of odd.

They are assuming the answer to the question.” The American Action Forum study estimated.

But if this was Pence’s math, there was a big mistake baked into it. The Green New Deal includes a.


is math, a series of integers devoid of heart or soul. Organizations evolved from the pull of nostalgia into a more.

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We mean the logic-based, riddle-like math problems you have to wrack your brain over for a few minutes before you come up with what you think is the right answer. But sometimes the question that gives.

This maths question from a global math Olympiad for high school children is sending the internet crazy. It was posted on Facebook by Singaporean TV post Kenneth Kong, following the exam on April 8,

Please explain to me in what CRAZY, BACKWARDS, MAKE BELIEVE WORLD this makes sense.

On Reddit, a similar debate arose on October 21 over two math questions about repeated addition strategy, which.

There are videos on YouTube with several million views asking that question. Don’t test scores prove the narrative.