Java User Interface

We have basically rewritten the user interface in Java. – At the recent user conference in Goa, the web version of Mfg/Pro called Net UI was previewed. Taking up the importance of migrating to web based applications for Asian enterprises, Alon Li emphasized.

The Java User Interface – More Swing – Finding out how to create a User Interface (UI) using the Java Swing library is not only a useful skill, it also is an ideal way to learn about objects and to make sure that the ideas really have sunk.

Before we turn our attention to the main subject of this month’s Java Toolbox– menu negotiation — it seems.

Rather than returning a simple JComponent, you could rewrite the User_interface to.

That’s all well and good, but you’re probably wondering how this relates to the Swing user interface components in the Java Foundation Classes (JFC). Well, I’ll tell you. While the MVC design pattern.

As a general rule, you should not make a Jini service object extend a class from a user interface library, such as Panel or JPanel. Think of the service object as the way clients interact with a.

1: package rpn; 2: 3: import javax.swing.*; 4: import javax.swing.event.*; 5: import java.util.*; 6: import java.awt.*; 7: import java.awt.event.*; 8: import java.

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T his installment of Java Toolbox presents the first of several examples of how to apply object-oriented design principles that I’ve outlined in previous articles to build a workable user interface. I.

The traditional C-based graphical-user-interface (GUI) tool kit and associated development tools are strong contenders. Java is gaining acceptance, and smaller memory requirements make it a serious.

No theory is worth anything if it can’t be applied effectively, so this month and next, I’ll build a small but nontrivial application that demonstrates the object-oriented user-interface principles .